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Insurance Restoration from Wind and Hail Damage

Every project big or small has its own unique set of challenges one may encounter. Some projects may take a little longer than others. What is most important in all projects is that the final product is completed and exceeds customer expectations. This specific project was a referral from one of our previous customers. This project was initiated in June of 2020.

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28 Total Reviews 630-546-2811$452 Pebblebrook Ct., Sugar Grove IL

We service the Chicagoland area specifically Geneva, Batavia, St. Charles, Sugar Grove, Aurora, Montgomery, Naperville, Oswego, Yorkville, Plainfield.

This home had been damaged by a hail storm on May 27th, 2020. This storm impacted many homes in the surrounding areas. Hail was reported up to 2” in diameter in this area leaving large damage to shingles, roof vents, siding, soffit, fascia, window wraps, garage doors and more. This homeowner began the insurance claims process taking it on himself. After months of negotiating and making good progress they had stalled out. At this point most would be happy and ready to begin the work at hand. This is where Four Seasons Contracting Inc. began working on the project. With the help of our internal claims specialists, Four Seasons Contracting Inc. was able to continue to take a well written scope and estimate into a fully completed project. We always take pride in ensuring proper indemnification for a customer’s loss, not piecemealing together a project.

This project was larger than most residential projects it was a complex job entailing a large roof with steep slopes, 6 skylights, siding, power washing of the exterior, a new front door, painting of exterior trim and front entry niche, as well as interior painting and drywall where the old roof system had failed on a low slope facet that was not up to current building codes.

Four Seasons Contracting inc. began the project with the roof. We implemented Certainteed Landmark Pro shingles which gave this roof a max definition featuring a beautiful Shenandoah Color. After two long days of roofing this almost 4900 square foot roof was completely installed. Our installs are always 100% project managed by at least one of our team members ensuring your project is done to code and manufacturer installation specifications. We always go the extra mile with our projects, it's the little details that sometimes get missed that can come back to cause the biggest headaches and losses in any project. Once the old roof was removed it was time to replace all 6 skylights on this home. This process is titius to install properly and takes time. You need someone working up on the roof deck and in the house to make sure fitment and alignment are perfect. Not to mention you will be cutting back drywall and the old caulking to get the old skylights out, so it can be messy! This model of home we have worked on before and it had to address the exact same leak over a low slope dining area at the back of the house. How we have addressed and stopped this leak is by rolling the Ice and Water barrier up onto the exterior wall of the house and additionally over the transition from the steeper slopes on to this low sloped portion of the roof.

By removing the siding panel and rolling the Ice and Water barrier up the wall as well as over the transition between roof slopes we can ensure a watertight seal to keep water from continuing to work its way into the home and damage drywall and paint inside. Once the new roof and skylights were installed it was time to address the elevations of the home.

First things to address were a couple siding pieces damaged during the storm. The homeowner was wise enough to keep a few extra pieces when he had an addition added to his house for this exact reason. (Always ask for a couple pieces of siding or shingles when getting work done, you never know when they will come in handy) This saved us from another hurdle of having to determine which siding product was on the house and figuring out how we were going to acquire it. Once those repairs were done it was time to continue making this house look new from the top down. One easy thing that is often overlooked by most homeowners is pressure washing your house. This is something that keeps your house in pristine shape and is fairly easy to do on your own. If you have allowed your house to build up years of dirt and debris it may be more cumbersome. This house in particular was both dirty and a little tricky being that it is a large two story home and needing to work from a ladder to get all the way up the soffit and fascia around most of the home. Last but not least we installed is the custom Therma-Tru door to make the entryway pop.

During a strange year like 2020 has proven to be difficult in many ways. Projects not only are taking a little longer due to material shortages but also material costs are skyrocketing. We always work to get projects completed in a timely manner but ensure the work is completed properly.

The biggest thing that Four Seasons Contracting Inc., feels you should take away from a project like this is that it is very important to work with a contractor that is not only knowledgeable in the insurance restoration process, but also finding one that truly cares about your project and can ensure the work is completed properly and efficiently. We hope that you enjoyed learning about our favorite project from the 2020 season and if you have any similar needs or would like to plan your next project, schedule an appointment with us!

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